Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Birthday for Cow!

Read: 5/25/2010
A Birthday for Cow! - Jan Thomas

It is Cow's birthday so her friends are baking her a birthday cake. All the ingredients are going in one by one, flour, eggs, etc. Every step of the way, Duck insists that they should add a TURNIP! Of course, this silly request is refused. (SPOILER ALERT!) When Cow does arrive, what is she thrilled to eat? The turnip!

Bright, bright, BRIGHT illustrations with large black outlines are the style featured in this book. It sort of reminds you of Mo Willems, but Jan Thomas' illustrations are more manic, less precise than Willems. And the story is perfect for 3 year olds - lots of repetition, simple ingredients that kids recognize and can chime in on. All hallmarks of a great read-aloud.

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