Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Read: March 11, 2009

Wave by Suzy Lee

Wave is a delightful wordless picture book. The book is illustrated with charcoal drawing and watercolor paint.

A little girl (drawn in charcoal) visits the beach with her mother (and some seagulls!) The interactions she has with the waves are priceless and hilarious.

A really great book to "read" with a preschooler. The format is a little small for a storytime though.


Read: March 11, 2009

Fleas! by Jeanne Steig, Illustrated by Britt Spencer

This is a Trading Up story with some great goofy colorful illustrations. The story is engaging but rather long - good for the 2nd or 3rd grader or to read aloud to a group of Kindergartners or older students.

A man meets a dog who he gives a good petting to. The dog in return gives him fleas! He manages to trade up to a talkative uncle, a pile of stinky cheese, a banjo, a wig, etc. until he ends up back where he started - with a bone which he gives to the same dog he got the fleas from.

Harry Hungry!

Read: 3/11/2009

Harry Hungry! by Steven Salerno

Harry is a baby who is very Very VERY HUNGRY! Before the title page, his tummy is rumbling. He begins by eating a snack, then a box of cookies, then the contents of the refridgerator, then the neighbor's house, etc. Just as he's about to eat the moon, he falls asleep and all is well...til he wakes up again!

A funny story, simple with lots of ridiculous illustrations. Preschoolers will love this one.