Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dinosaur vs. Bedtime

Read: 11/24/2009

Oh man, oh man! What a funky, fun book! This will be very big with the monster/dinosaur crowd - especially the 2-3 year old ones! A little dinosaur takes on some everyday challenges such as a pile of leaves and a bowl of spaghetti, handily beating them all! Then he must face his biggest challenge...BEDTIME! Does he win? Read the book! Don't worry, it will take you 2 minutes.

Features big, clear illustrations and GIGANTIC FONTS!

Higher! Higher!

Read: 11/23/2009

Higher! Higher! by Leslie Patricelli

What a fun, simple book!
A little girl and her father go to a park where he pushes her on a swing. She wants to go higher and higher and indeed she does, going past a skyscraper, an airplane, a rocketship and even further! This book has a total of 6 words in it, so you can be sure that it would be a winner with the very youngest listeners.

The illustrations are acrylic paintings and are very simple and colorful.

I love this book!

El Barrio

Read: November 23, 2009

El Barrio by Debbie Chocolate, Illustrated by David Diaz

This colorful picture book serves as a very positive introduction to life in the barrio. He talks about different celebrations and experiences from first communion to his sister's quinceanera.
I love David Diaz's illustrations that seem to be a combination of woodcut or linoleum prints and collage.
This simple book would be a good one for the preschool set.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Latke Who Couldn't Stop Screaming

Read: Last Year

The Latke Who Couldn't Stop Screaming: a christmas story by Lemony Snicket; Illustrated by Lisa Brown

A very funny story for grown-ups in the guise of a children's book - basically an allegory for what it is like to Jewish at Christmas. My favorite line? "I AM NOT A HASH BROWN!"

Not for children under the age of 12. Definitely for teens and adults.

The Channukah Guest

Read: a long time ago

The Chanukkah Guest by Eric Kimmel; Illustrated by Giora Carmi

A hilarious story about a woman with failing eyesight who mistakes a bear for the Rabbi come to join her for her famous latkes.

Eric Kimmel has written a good number of Hanukkah books for the picture book set - and this one is my favorite.